Recommended Reading

At The Colne, our aim is to build a reading for pleasure culture. We want students to see the joy and benefits of reading for pleasure that sometimes can be overshadowed by other hobbies, such as online gaming or social media. Research suggests that reading for pleasure improves reading fluency, creativity, self-confidence, empathy and academic achievements.

Here you will find recommended reading lists for key stages, interests, and teacher recommendations. Browse at your leisure and find the perfect book for your child.

Note to parents: Many of these books are written for young adult readers (13+) or adults; this means there may be ‘gritty’ content. Generally by Key Stage 4 young people are ready for this, but parents know their children best; if you have queries about suitability, please check online reviews or ask your child’s teacher or Miss Reuben (Literacy and Reading Coordinator).

Some good book review websites are below:

Common Sense Media

Good Reads

Love Reading

You may be able to find audio-book versions of these. See some recommended audio-book websites below:

BBC Sounds audio-books

Audible (requires a subscription for £7.99 a month)

Podtail (may require a subscription; FAQ here)

Youtube (search '[book title] audio-book' or '[book title] listen' to start your search)

I want to get back into reading, but don't know where to start?

See what @literyture on Twitter recommends!

2021-2022 Booklists

Y7 and 8 reading list 2021-2022.docx
Key Stage 4 & 5 reading list 2021-2022.docx

2020-2021 Booklists

Animal Books 2020-2021.docx
Audiobooks - recommended.docx
Books to make you cry 2020-2021.docx
Complex Issues -- Books to make you think 2020-2021.docx
Dystopian reading list 2020-2021.docx
Recommended Audiobooks.docx
Recommended books by BAME authors 2020.docx
Recommended Verse Novels.docx
Science Fiction and Fiction with Science.docx
Y7 and 8 reading list 2020-2021 BAME highlighted v2.docx
Year 5, 6, 7 reading list 2020-2021 BAME highlighted.docx
Years 9-11 reading list 2020-2021 BAME titles highlighted.docx

Summer Reading Challenge Recommendations



Y7 and 8 reading list 2019-2020.docx.pdf
Key Stage 4 reading list 2020.docx.pdf
Key Stage 3 and 4 sac.docx.pdf
Recommended Audiobooks.docx.pdf
Animal Books 2019-2020.docx.pdf
Complex Issues -- Books to make you think 2019-2020.docx.pdf
Books to make you cry 2019-2020.docx.pdf
Dystopian reading list 2019-2020.docx.pdf
Fantasy adventure books for fans of Percy Jackson 2019-2020.docx.pdf
Genocide list 2020.docx.pdf
Recommended Reads about isolation.docx.pdf
Books around the World maps with titles linked to display.docx.pdf
Read Your Way Around the World.pdf
Science Fiction and Fiction with Science Links 2019-2020.docx